Yamaguchi participates in the FBC ASEAN 2023 exhibition


FBC ASEAN 2023 International Manufacturing Trade Fair takes place from August 23, 2023 to August 25, 2023 at the National Construction Planning and Architecture Exhibition Palace, gathering hundreds of businesses in the mechanical sector. Manufacturing gases and industrial auxiliaries participate in displaying and introducing products.

Yamaguchi Vietnam Joint Stock Company brings to the exhibition precision mechanical processing products, industrial oils and modern industrial testing and measurement solutions with the desire to seek and tighten relationships with customers, partners, as well as learn and share experiences in production and business.

Yamaguchi would like to sincerely thank customers, partners and businesses for visiting the booth, exchanging and trading with Yamaguchi at this FBC ASEAN exhibition. The support and trust of our customers is always our motivation and great honor.

Some images of Yamaguchi Vietnam booth at the FBC ASEAN 2023 International Manufacturing Trade Fair.

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